If you are a crypto investor and have recently opted for Coinbase as your companion in the crypto trade and investment then we have brought something that might help you in having a seamless crypto trade.

Have you ever heard of the API key?

If not then no worries. We have crafted this read to help you understand the API and how to get one for your account. The term API might sound complicated and thinking of the process to create one for your account might leave you puzzled.

Hold on! Sit tight. We are here with this piece of information that will elaborate on API from the scratch. So, let’s have a look at the meaning of the API.

A preamble of API

Coinbase API is a method that allows traders to perform crypto trade activities automatically with the use of a code. It grants numerous permission to identify and authenticate an app or a user in your database. To further elaborate, we can say that API works as a username that has been generated to permit others to access your Coinbase app.

Now, you might question what is the need for using Coinbase API Key. So, to let this question no more trouble you, we are listing some of the benefits that you can get with this feature, and they are as listed under:

  • Excellent customer service
  • Offers several crypto trading tools
  • Facilitates users with educational materials to create awareness
  • Offers an easy user interface
  • Comes with high liquidity

After having a look at some of its benefits, now let’s peep into the process of how to get it.

Steps to get Coinbase API key

Once you have created an account and linked a bank account with it, follow the steps laid out below:

  1. Log into your crypto account and tap on the “Profile” icon
  2. Now, click on “API” from the displayed menu
  3. Below the “Personal Information”, tab hit on “API Settings”> “+ New API Key”
  4. Proceed next to select your profile and permissions
  5. Enter the 2FA code to create a unique passcode
  6. Choose “Create API Key”
  7. Now, check out the displayed API key and secret
  8. Make a note of the information somewhere safely

Coinbase API key disabled?- Here’s what to do

Sometimes you might face a disabled error of the API key. This error won’t be a hurdle in your trading path if you know the ways of fixing it. Some of the measures to settle this issue are:

  • Check out the permissions that you have granted at the time of API creation
  • Make a move to turn off all the security programs
  • Turn off the add-ons on your browser (if you are using them)

Final Lines!

After you have created the key, note it down somewhere safe because the Coinbase API key is displayed once at the time of creating it. This key will be further used in performing crypto activities. So, if you haven’t created an API yet, then create it right now!!