UCLA men' Sidney Crosby Jersey s basketball guard David Singleton spoke with reporters ahead of Monday morning's practice se sion at the Mo Ostin Basketball Center. Singleton talked about preseason practices, his first impre sions of Amari Bailey, how his own mentors showed him how to guide the Bruins' next wave of freshmen, the different ways he transformed his body and game over the summer and his thoughts on Kiki Rice's NIL deal with Jordan.How's practice been so far for you?It's been going pretty good. You know, I've had to be a leader out there, coaching the young guys and everything, but so far has been... I feel like we've really made progre s since the summer.Amari plays older than his years?Yeah, I can definitely see the potential, because if I tell him one thing, I don't have to tell him again. That's the maturity level that he's at. And it's really rare to see a young guy have that. So yeah.Doing something different coming into this year?Yeah, each team you have to have a different approach. But I'm just trying to coach the young guys and get on the Samuel Poulin Jersey older guys, too. Some guys might not be as vocal as others, and that's just who they are, but they're great basketball players. So, each team, you just got to coach everybody, and I expect them to coach me as well.Who were the veterans that helped you as a younger player?Definitely Cody Riley he's really been a help to me. Chris Smith, too, as well. They definitely helped me in my college career, giving me pointers here and there like on the court and off the court to help me become a better player.How much is Cronin asking you to step into leadership role?He's asked a lot of me, but I'm not wanting to shy away from that role. I understand that we need a leader, whether it's from on the court or off the court, helping young guys or telling some of the older guys I'm looking forward to it actually.Look bigger, gaining weight?I've just been really working hard in the spring and summer. I've just be been nonstop conditioning and training. Like Amari was saying that he was hooping with the pros, I've been right there with him. We've been learning together so I've just been.... Bryan Rust Men Jersey Scroll to ContinueHave you put on weight?Yeah, I just put on a little.How much?Like, five, seven pounds. But I still feel better.Anything specifically you were working on in the offseason?I've just been watching a lot of film with coaches and everything, my trainer, to get my feet set quicker for a quick release. I understand we need production out of me this year, a lot more attempts, everything like that. So I've been watching a lot of film to get those opportunities and exploit those opportunities.See Kiki Rice news?Yeah, I was actually with her at the football game when they announced it and everything. I'm so happy Joe Mullen Women Jersey for her, we talk about all the time. I'll try to ask her like, 'What Jordans are coming out?' But that's an amazing thing to happen, not only for Kiki, but for the UCLA basketball women's program.Gonna get one of those deals?Yeah, hopefully. I'm trying my best, but they don't get just anybody. I just gotta produce.How does this team stack up to other teams at this point in season?That's hard to Paul Coffey Women Jersey tell. I mean, I can't really answer that. I can answer that after March. I definitely see an amazing group of guys. Every team is special. Everyone's gonna say that, but these group of guys, these freshmen, they're really learning and progre sing. They're giving what's demanded of them. They're taking it in really well, Amari, Dylan, Adem. Coach is on them, and I'm telling them, 'It's because he cares. It's because he wants to see us win. He wants to see everybody win individually and as a team.' So it's just hard to tell like right now. I got your answer in March.Read more UCLA stories: Read more UCLA men's basketball stories: