One Soft Touch Switch makes it simple and easy to turn ON/OFF and change color temperature. Touch the button to turn on the mirror and defogger, and hold the button to change the color temperate. BUILT-IN DEFOGGER means fog-free all the time, the defogger turns on automatically. COLOR TEMPERATURE ranges from 2700K - 6400K and offers you choices of different light colors for different purposes. All these features make it the perfect Frameless Dressing Mirror.

Smart memory function remembers your favorite setting, no need to adjust it every time you turn on the mirror. CRI 90+ light source reproduces high-quality task lights perfect for making up. 5 mm COPPER FREE silver mirror prevents black edges in the harsh bathroom environment. Guaranteed 50,000 hours lifetimes and 100,000 times switch touch.

Six layers of protection provide extra waterproof and quality confidence and are designed to be used in DAMP locations.

UL Listed bathroom vanity mirror with lights. Easy hardwire installation. It can be hardwired to a wall switch. Can be vertically mounted or horizontally mounted.

Hangzhou Hengyi Mirror Co., Ltd. not only has Frameless Dressing Mirror, but also other products such as Bathroom Makeup Mirror. Welcome to check our official website.