Unlike most ARPGs, professions do not dictate which skills players can use. Path Of Exile lists its skill system in detail so that any profession can POE Currency Buy. For now, just know that the class does not impose build restrictions. Because of their position in the passive tree and their core attributes, each class in Path Of Exile still plays a prototype role. Path Of Exile has three core attributes, including: strength, agility, and intelligence.

The skills in Path Of Exile are provided by the player's equipment rather than their chosen profession. Almost all POE Currency are provided by skill gems, which are small items that can be embedded in weapons, armor, and certain jewelry.

Please note that the color of the skill gem determines the gem slot it can enter. For example, green skill gems that focus on agility can only be placed in items with green or white sockets. The player can view the slot of the item by hovering the cursor over the item.

Auxiliary gems are settable gems and only provide buffs for skill gems. These gems support skills; they don't grant skills. Auxiliary gems need to do two things to work: There must be a link connecting the skill gems on the gear and the auxiliary gem slots, and the two gems must share at least one tag.

The system itself is not too complicated. If the player cannot easily determine whether the auxiliary gem is suitable for a particular skill, please remember the gem label. New players should not create builds themselves.