The T.11 Truck, like the majority of the Ultra ICVs, can fulfil the requirements of carrying agile and sophisticated freight throughout all enterprise applications. This commercial vehicle can effortlessly fit every Indian road and also operational conditions. Tata T11 Ultra is a modern vehicle revolutionising the transportation business by harnessing advanced technologies and integrating technology with great performance. You can learn more about the Tata T.11 Ultra Truck here.

Know About the Engine Details & More

Tata T.11 Ultra is a famous ICV vehicle made by Tata Motors in India. This truck also has an ergonomic exterior and interior design that improves its appearance and experience.  And also, this ICV vehicle has heavy-duty engine technology that delivers best-in-class mileage and performance.

Tata's ICV truck comes with a 3.3L NG BS6 engine that generates 125 HP and 390 Nm of torque. It also comes with a 160-litre gasoline tank, a dependable gearbox, and a clutch type. Furthermore, this truck's highest engine displacement is 3300cc, providing comfortable driving with a manual gearbox. 

The T.11 Ultra carries a GVW of 11250 kg. This performance-oriented vehicle is built with the latest iteration contemporary cabin. It is equipped with innovative technology & appealing design with a spacious, breathable and walkthrough ability. The interior is also roomy and pleasant, with a One Driver Plus Two Passengers seating configuration. Tata Motors anticipates that this vehicle will attract both fleet drivers and operators.

Tata T.11 Ultra Truck Price Range

The Tata T.11 Ultra truck starts at Rs. 20.80 Lakh, which can exceed Rs. 21.55 Lakh in India.

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