In a way, an attack essay and a persuasive essay are similar. In truth, the only difference lies in the style. As a matter of fact, both kinds of essays should be written in an attempt to convince the reader that their perspective is superior to that of the other. As such, both writers need to use some of the same tools including proofreading and editing. In this article, I will teach students how to write an attack essay and how to edit it so that it becomes a strong argument.


As with any essay, an attack essay starts with the introduction paragraph. In this paragraph, the author wants to persuade the reader that he/she is right about the issue that he/she is arguing. As such, the introduction should be used to prove that the writer has more credibility than his/her opponents. Also, keep in mind that in your introduction you should discuss the topic for which you are writing an argument. Many good writers make this mistake, but fortunately, good essay writers are easily taught how to do this.

Expository Style

Most arguments that authors write use an expository style. An expository essay is one that contains a vast amount of information and nothing supporting or attempting to prove any point. Many good writers are able to use expository essays effectively because they are able to control their readers' attention. As such, the goal is to engage the reader so that they read on. In essence, a good expository essayist is able to guide the reader towards his/her conclusion.

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Argumentative Essays 

One of the main key points to remember when writing argumentative essays is that the style needs to follow the nature of the evidence that is being presented. For example, if there are facts that support one side of the argument, then it is important to use facts and proof to support that side. On the other hand, when a writer is providing either-or alternatives to each side of the argument, then he/she needs to provide substantial proof and support for that side.

How to Construct a Great Essay

Another important thing to remember when writing a great essay is how to construct and write a strong argument. A good argument can be divided into three types; deductive/deductive, inductive/ convergent, and negative/substractive. Each type has it's strengths and weaknesses. When a writer is trying to decide on the best way to construct his/her strongest argument, it is important to know how to select and use strong argumentative essays that are strong in debate.

Different Types of Essays

One of the best places to learn about each type is to read through some of the past winners of the AP Exam. The following are some examples of some of the different types of essays that the AP Examiners have written. After reading these essays it will help a student become familiar with the different types. Also, these essays will provide a student with some good sample topics and examples to write his/her own analytical essay.