Argumentative Essay

Writing an argumentative essay involves using carefully selected words to take a position or support a view. An argumentative essay typically presents some new information that helps to support either a claim or a conclusion about a subject. There are several distinct types of essay, each of which are designed to either argue against something, or to defend something. There are also many different kinds of essay, but in order to apply this knowledge effectively to your paper you will need to know at least four types of essay.

Expository essays frequently contain factual information that helps the reader learn more about a specific subject. For example, an essay about history often uses quotes to convey its facts. Facts that are directly related to the topic of the essay (which often help to flesh out its arguments) are used as supporting evidence. Facts that are indirectly related to the topic of the essay but are still relevant to the topic are used as supporting evidence. In expository essays, these types of facts are almost always cited by the author or the reader.

Argumentative essays test the strengths of the argument. Students will often use this type of essay to either defend their own viewpoint or to counter an opposing view. The argument may be that a person should respect authority, or that discrimination is wrong. It might even be that the college is not doing a good job regulating its faculty members.

Narrative Essays

Narrative essays tend to have much greater weight because they involve more personal experience. When writing a narrative essay, facts and figures are rarely used. The focus is on a personal viewpoint about a specific event. Students may quote a friend who had an experience that fits with their own experience, or they may draw from real or fictional examples of someone else's experience. Narrative essays must be written in a factual, grammatically correct, and respectful way. If a student is not confident that he or she has correctly told the story, they should not expect to win the grade.

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Research Papers

Another common type of essay writing is research papers. Students might choose to specialize in one of the more popular types of research papers, such as history, science, or economics. These students need to show that they know the material well and can explain it to the reader clearly. Students will also need to show that they have taken the time to do their research. This can be hard work and professors will not grade a paper unless the student can show understanding and interest in their assignment.

College Studies

As you can see, there are many different types of essays that students can choose to write for their college studies. Students need to decide what type of essay they would like to write based on their personality, their skills, their desires, and their environment. There are no restrictions or deadlines for these projects. They are often given a few weeks to complete them. Students who enjoy what they are doing can be sure to do well in their chosen field of study by taking the time to do their assignments and read their essays carefully.

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