Stretch Ceilings are a comparatively new idea for the US (even though they've been about for years in European countries), and also you could be asking yourself, why need to I get a Stretch Ceiling? Stretch Ceilings could be the solution to some problems that you simply didn’t even know might be solved! We’d prefer to introduce you to a few from the benefits that these ceilings give: Get much more data about


Noise reduction

Stretch Ceilings are an incredible method to minimize undesirable noises! They are made out of tensile material, which means that they absorb sound waves, as an alternative to replicating them. This implies that Stretch Ceilings are excellent for areas having a lot of ambient sound coming from the outdoors (or from noisy neighbors). 


Covering for imperfections

Stretch ceilings are an easy and fast solution to cover pre-existing ceilings. In truth, they originated in France to cover up crumbling plaster on old ceilings. With time, Stretch Ceilings also became common for the reason that they're an ideal approach to make Popcorn Ceilings disappear. Popcorn Ceilings might be hazardous to get rid of, but we wouldn’t blame you for wanting them gone. As an alternative to going via a messy process, you will get rid of Popcorn Ceiling by covering it! 



Stretch Ceilings can offer you the chance to personalize your ceiling as substantially as you'd like. You'll be able to print it, pick among different colors and finishes, and combine them with entertaining lighting! When you've got already decided you'd like a Stretch Ceiling to cover imperfections, this can be an incredible opportunity for you to innovate and change your spaces. 


Spaces can look taller!

Low ceilings can ruin a space that would look great otherwise! Nobody desires to feel like they're living within a house constructed for Hobbits. Higher Gloss stretch ceilings can assist you fix that! By installing a reflective ceiling, your walls can look twice as high. Tricking the eye with an optical illusion is an simple technique to resolve an otherwise unfixable trouble. 


Uncomplicated and speedy installation

In contrast to other services, Stretch Ceilings only take one day to become installed. The majority of the production process doesn’t occur inside your house. Once the appropriate measurements are taken, Stretch Ceilings are manufactured and personalized in our studio, and we just require one day to set up them within your space. 



Stretch Ceilings are produced out of 100% recyclable material! We think in taking care with the environment, and encourage our consumers to do so at the same time. For additional information and facts on how you can be additional sustainable, you'll be able to read our top eco-friendly interior design ideas blog post about it!