Trucks transport cargo, logistics, construction materials, liquid materials, frozen goods, pharmaceuticals, agricultural produce, fruits and vegetables, industrial cargo, and white goods, among other vital and non-essential commodities. In addition, trucks also play a crucial role in total economic operations by assisting businesses, industries, and transporters to move raw products to production plants and finished cargo to consumers across various places. Therefore, trucks play an essential role and are especially significant vehicle types. Here we will unveil the list of popular trucks, including features.

Most Popular Trucks in India

Trucks are automobiles/vehicles that can serve customers with various business purposes. However, trucks are primarily used for goods and people transportation. Trucks are the most diverse vehicles, with multi-axle, haulage, tipper, tractor-trailer, and other variations. And also, The number of tyres, tonnage, usage, and varieties are known. Trucks in India are classified as small, light, intermediate, medium, or heavily based on their gross vehicle weight (GVW).

Here is the list of commercial trucks that you can buy in 2023:

  • Ashok Leyland 3520 8x2 Tipper
  • Tata Signa 5530.S 4x2 Truck
  • Mahindra Blazo X 28 Tipper
  • Eicher Pro 6055 4x2 Truck
  • Tata Winger Staff

Each model can give you superior performance, comes with modern features and offers a wide range of goods with less effort.

Know About The Price Range

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