A left-hand stick can be FIFA 23 Coins used for directing the ball, while the right stick is designed for hight. In order to score from a corner, it is ideal to play the corner in-swinging, with the proper mix of speed and precision. Make sure you have a set piece specialist on this corner.One participant on Reddit has shared their advice on how to master the art of scoring from a corner, they wrote: "Ideally 3.5 bars power, in-swinger, aim inside the six-yard box."

A different player said: "The aim is surprisingly stable, and if you locate a suitable angle or power that you can use it's an effective tool for dealing with out of position keepers."It feels like the corner taking technique is much easier to master in FIFA 23 than previous versions, and this may result in a lot of players trying to take their opponents off by using an angle.

FIFA 23 is the last edition of the game under the FIFA name. From next year, EA will be releasing its games under a different name: EA SPORTS FC. EA announced in a press release: "After nearly 30 years of creating genre-defining experience in football, we will shortly be entering a new exciting period.

"Next Year, EA SPORTS FC will become the new face of football for EA SPORTS. Alongside our license partners of 300+ across all sports we're prepared to take football across the world to new heights for everyone who loves football around the globe.

"Everything you love about our games will be available in EA SPORTS FC - the same amazing experiences, styles of play, leagues and tournaments teams and athletes will be on hand. Ultimate Team Career Mode, Elite Clubs as well as buy FUT 23 Coins VOLTA Football will all be included.