Style guide to cocktail attire for men


Most men get it all wrong; a cocktail party is not like any other party. When invited to a cocktail party, the first question you should be asking yourself is what exactly cocktail attire for men is? You need to know that cocktail attire can range from something formal to a more laid-back style and informal. This means it all varies depending on the location and the occasion. It is important to dress appropriately to show you made an effort for the occasion and that you respect the hosts. However, whatever you wear, make sure it expresses your personality and makes you feel comfortable and stylish at the same time. Look for something less formal and classier than what you wear to the office. Wayrates has the best men's clothes, including tactical clothing and other styles, at affordable rates.

Suit or jacket

It is important to have a suit or jacket in your wardrobe that is ready for a party. It is always good to be prepared since you never know when your friend will invite you to a party.  If you are unsure of the colours to go with, choose navy blue or black since they can never go wrong with anything. Avoid having busy prints, colours and patterns since it will only make you look less formal. Make sure your jacket fits you perfectly for you to remain comfortable and stylish at the same time.Wayrates has different styles of jackets that you can choose depending on your preference.


Shoes that you wear may either make or break your outfit. When people meet you, the first thing they look at is the shoes.  No matter how well dressed you are, wearing the wrong shoes will make you look awkward.  Choose black or dark brown shoes that will complete your look in a good way. Make sure your shoes are in good condition for you to look stylish during the party. Once your outfit is complete, you can add accessories of your choice to complement the look.You can choose to add a belt, glasses and watch to express your personality and style simultaneously.

Button-down collared shirt.

Most men own this type of shirt. It is important to have one or two button-down shirts to wear in different settings. Forcasual cocktail parties, pair these shirts with men’s tactical cargo pants for a retro vibe.


Consider having the above items in your wardrobe, and dressing for cocktail parties will be made much easier.