Today, media devices are becoming less when compared to some years ago, because the present trending is the cloud, still there are a lot of people using pen drives and external hard drives, etc.  And this all information are stored in the cloud as a server, i.e. which is also a media device. Media devices need to be inclined of securely.

ISO 27001 Certification in Bangalore is an international standard for providing protection to the information, and we will see how this standard can help us with the of media inclined devices.

What is media?

Medium is a device that is used for storing information, that media includes hard drives, USB pen drives, CDs, DVDs, etc.  The ISO 27001 is the most important thing for providing security to the information that can be stored in the media.

Privileged information

The many companies have a lot of method for the classification of their information, because all media does not have the same information, and information does not have the same value for the business. By using ISO 27001 Certification in Chandigarh can provide the security for all information in the media.

tips for scrapping of media

 We have seen previously the media device storing information can be classified as confidential  now we can discusses about a risk assessment and treatment methodology. This article might be interesting for you: ISO 27001 risk assessment & treatment.

 The giving treatment of this risk by implementing ISO 27001 Certification in Visakhapatnam control A.8.3.2 Disposal of media security control and here are some common ways to implement this security control.

Physically pull down the media

This physical destruction can also damage devices. But, be careful because the damaged media device can also have the sensitive information and that can be restored, so to avoid this, you should destroy it physically.

Securely delete the information

To overwrite the information or to delete it in a secure way there is some software tools that can used for this purpose.

Select an external party

There are a lot of companies that can provide the service for destruction of your media, but here you need to check and take care with the selection of the provider by defining a non-disclosure agreement.

Avoid the aggregation effect

It is better to avoid the having a non-sensitive information in lot of media because something within the group could become sensitive information.

Register the distraction

Registering the scrapping can provides the useful information for audit trails.

My preferred method

  • By using a strong algorithm and using a lengthy password we can encode the entire hard disk.
  • There is lot of free software solution by sing the best software solution we can delete the information in secure way.
  • And destroy the media device physically.

In reality, this method is only applicable to the most critical and sensitive data, and for data with less criticality, only one of these methods will be enough.

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