No matter how secure your crypto exchange is, you should be aware of the security of your funds. But, the question that arises here is, how can you share this responsibility?

We always think that owning a well-encrypted trading platform will wipe away all of your security suspicions and responsibilities, but that’s not the truth because as a software-based crypto exchange owner, the security of your funds is always at stake.

So, to come over to this scenario, you should be prepared with implementing extra shields to your account. How can you do this?

Well! Every issue comes up with a solution, all we need to do is dig out that with our research. But, you don’t have to do any more research because we are here with complete guidance to provide an extra layer of security to your Gemini account.

If you’re also a Gemini user, it is strongly recommended to safeguard your account by implementing two-factor authentication after the Gemini sign in, we will let you know the entire process to do so in this blog post.

Set up the two-factor authentication in your Gemini account

Gemini lets you enable two-factor authentication with the help of the Authy application as it provides strong encryption. Here is the pathway to follow to set up 2FA successfully.

  1. To begin the process, firstly you have to install the Authy application.
  2. You can do it by searching for the Authy app in the built-in app store of your device.
  3. Now, open the Authy app and log in with the same Id and name that you have used in the Gemini sign in.
  4. After this, you will see a Gemini token there.
  5. Copy the Authy code for your Gemini account from here and paste it into Gemini where asked.

This way, you’ll be able to set up 2-factor authentication on your Gemini account and get a peaceful sleep without worrying about the security of your account now.

Note: You should disable the multi-device features of Authy to ensure the security of your account and that Authy code is only retrievable via the Authy app, there is no SMS or mail sent to you by Authy with the information of the code.

The Bottom Line!

Gemini, a fully electronic over-the-counter (eOTC) trading platform, is an easygoing platform to buy, sell or trade cryptocurrencies with high-performing trading tools and provides standout security measures including SOC certifications. Not only the trading but you can earn massive rewards as well through the crypto staking on this platform.

There is no doubt that Gemini is the safest crypto trading platform and provides security to your assets at its finest but considering the rising bar of malicious activities in the crypto industry, it is strongly advised to enable two-factor authentication after Gemini sign in because it’s better to be safe than later on sorry. This guide is carefully crafted to provide the easiest and most secure way to do so.