Before we start with different ways using which you can add lazy loading on your WordPress website let’s take a look at what is lazy loading in WordPress? Lazy loading image is a technique through which the call sent to your website server from visitor’s browsers is reduced. In short, when a visitor lands on your website their browser sends the request to your server asking to display all the elements, upon that the entire page gets downloaded in their browser including all the elements present in your page. 

If your web page has multiple media elements, mainly the images and other large files on the same page then it will directly impact your website speed. Users landing on your website will not wait for long if your website is taking more time to load. That is the reason why WordPress websites make use of lazy loading. It bogged down the calls that are sent to the server at once with the goal to ensure that the user accessing the particular frame is quickly able to view your web page. 

It downloads and offers the media elements that need to be immediately displayed or accessed by the user. This way the downloading of other media elements like video and images that are present in other frames are automatically delayed until the site visitors start to scroll your whole page. This way you will be able to improve your WordPress website speed and its performance. That is the reason why lazy loading is widely adopted by many WordPress website owners.

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