Look at the circle that FIFA 23 Coins is composure surrounding your ball. Shoot when the circle is at its smallest for the highest accuracy. Hold R1/RB/L1/LB at the same time that you shoot for a finesse or chip shot

Use the left stick control the shot prior to when the ball is hit. size and speed at which your composure circle moves will depend on the penalty kick taker's score and also the time and context that the penalty kick will be played -and kicks at the end of the game carry an additional amount of pressure.

Shoot again to enable Timed Finishing for an additional level of accuracy. By knowing where on the circle you will make contact it is possible to control the type of shot as well as what spin, if any it will apply. It's a basic idea however it's one that's challenging enough to make free kicks or set pieces that are evenly balanced.

Look at the composure circle around the ball. Press shoot when the circle is in its smallest for the most accuracy. Hold R1/RB/L1/LB simultaneously at the simultaneously as you shoot to execute a finesse or chip shot Use your left hand to guide the shot prior to the ball is struck Corner kicks still have the same set plays tied to the D-pad . This means you can choose from a few to use in both defensive and offensive scenarios.

Set pieces have not only improved from a mechanical standpoint but they've also improved visually. With strong players and those with a good skill in the air becoming more relevant and gaining traction, it's nice to buying FUT 23 Coins witness EA make improvements in this part and game.