Yes, you can cancel a Vueling flight within 24 hours, and you may not have to pay any cancelation fee. Apart from the request to cancel a Vueling flight within 24 hours, there are various terms that you can abandon your travel plan. And the provision related to all these can be located underneath.

Simple steps to cancel a Vueling flight

  • When the passenger chooses to cancel within 24 hours of ticket purchase, then there could be no penalty. But there could be a difference of seven days or more in the flight departure.
  • But when this grace window expires, you can pay the cancellation fees, which could depend on the fare type and your flight routes.
  • You can cancel your reservation for free if you have a medical emergency, illness, or court summons. And for this, you get to contact Vueling Airlines to share the file related to this.
  • When your flight has been delayed by three hours or more, and you are stating the reason for the cancelation, then the airline does not get out any extra charges for this.
  • If you are carrying the nonrefundable fare, then you cancel it voluntarily. If you still do, you may get to forfeit the cost of the fare.
  • If your original flight has been canceled due to weather or strike and you do not wish to travel with that, then also airline does not take any type of penalty. And if you have a nonrefundable fare, then contact Vueling Airlines about that.
  • When the reservation has been made with the help of a travel agent, then to cancel the flight ticket, you get to approach them, not the airline.

How can you cancel your Vuling flight ticket within 24 hours?

When you are competent by its policies to cancel a Vueling flight within 24 hours, you can use the modes prescribed by the airline. And the details on that have been mentioned at the bottom.
Via online: You can conduct the procedure the on your own through the online procedure. And if you need any type of hint to conduct the procedure to cancel a Vueling flight within 24 hours, stick by the steps that have been written at the bottom.
  • Visit the official website of Vueling Airlines.
  • After that, click on the manage booking icons.
  • You can now enter your booking reference number with the passenger's last name.
  • On the next tab, click on the cancel flight options.
Later on, you get to the confirmation tab, and there you get to check your itinerary details and click on the confirm icon.
Via call: When you are getting problems while making cancelation independently. Then you can use the Vueling phone number and get aid from the airline's customer service. Dial the Vueling phone number and then choose the correct IVR option. 
  • Press1 to choose a language
  • Press3 to change the name
  • Press5 to cancel the booking
  • Press0m to speak with customer service.
Furthermore, by going through here, you may not get stuck into trouble, such as to cancel a Vueling flight within 24 hours, because here you can get the procedure as well as the policy details. When you have any further inquiries, then communicate with the airline's customer service.