The Binance Smart Chain (BSC) is currently the fastest-growing blockchain, with a significant number of investors contributing to the growth because of its low transaction costs and fast transaction times. You first have to design and develop a BEP-20 token in order to launch your own cryptocurrency token on the BSC network. This BEP-20 token can be used for various financial ventures, like payment or lending services.

According to the BEP-20 specification, all the token features must be written in the Solidity programming language, and this is known as a smart contract. Let's go over everything that you should include in your feature list:

Basic settings
The BEP-20 standard requires that all token identifiers, such as name and symbol, be given correctly. A token's total supply and the smallest unit that can be transacted must also be specified (decimals). Basic transaction functions such as transfer and approval must be implemented in order to facilitate the trading of the token.

Trading procedures
New tokens utilize complex tokenomics  (short for Token Economics)  to incentivize and accomplish project goals. Most tokens fall into one of these four categories: a utility token, a charity token, a payment token, or a security token. Crowdsourcing donation necessitates charity tokens committing a percentage of each transaction to charity wallets. Holders of a payment token expect higher yield rewards. Using advanced trading techniques such as buybacks and automatic liquidity generation, deflationary payment tokens are being built today.

Management specifications
In order to manage the token, management functions must be built-in. Common examples include changing transaction fees or excluding bot wallets from static rewards. For most tokens, these functions are accessible only to the token's owner. If you want to set up and tune your token, you will need to use these management features. Ownership of the token can be renounced once it has gained widespread acceptance, providing investors with confidence that there will be no abuse of power.

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BEP-20 tokens are typically created by writing smart contract code, which necessitates using the Solidity programming language to write the corresponding source code. The controls and features we discussed require expertise in Solidity programming.  It is necessary to learn how to use BSC for deploying contracts as well. It may force you to commit significant time to your project, causing your token launch to be delayed by several months. With Mudra Token Creator, you can develop BEP20 tokens quickly and easily and have them added to Binance Smart Chain in no time. Nothing is required to be coded. The generate tokens include advanced tokenomics and other best-in-class features. You can save a lot of money and effort by using Mudra.