Passwords play a very crucial role in safeguarding our online accounts from getting hacked and this is the reason why a lot of online platforms suggest users create strong passwords while we set up our accounts. In case you are wondering what could be the probable reasons why they do so, then it is pretty clear. If you create weak passwords, anyone could get into your account without doing much. Hackers are so advanced nowadays that they try their best to get into your account and cracking your password is a piece of cake for them.

Specifically talking about the Gemini sign in password, the same could happen to them and you will eventually lose access to your account and eventually your funds. However, if you create a strong password and at the same time, enable two-factor authentication for account access. So, with that understood, it is time now for you to assign a new password to your Gemini account in case you think it is actually weak.

On the other hand, one should regularly update his password in order to make sure that his account is secure enough. Besides that, you should also reset your password in the event that you are facing Gemini sign in issues. So, the process below would help in that particular scenario as well.

Updating the password in the Gemini app 

If you are using Gemini exchange through its mobile application then the process to do so would be different from that of the process that you follow on the web. So, here is what you need to do if you are using Gemini through the app:

  1. Get into your Gemini exchange account using the correct Gemini sign in password
  2. Followed by this, move to the upper right-hand section of the screen and select "Account"
  3. Now, you have to scroll down on that particular page and then select the "Security Settings" option
  4. Navigate to the "Passwords" section and make a selection for "Change Password"
  5. In the given spaces, enter the requested details such as your current password and the new password
  6. Complete the remaining prompts and you'll be done

Another way to update the Gemini sign in password 

  1. Navigate to the login screen of Gemini exchange by tapping on the "Sign In" button
  2. After that, you need to tap/select the "Forgot password?" option
  3. Now, provide the email address that is attached to your account
  4. After getting the sign in code in your inbox, assign a new password to your account
  5. That's it, you have successfully updated the password of your Gemini account

To Conclude:

To sum up this read, we can say that passwords are the essential keys to signing into your account. Anyone having access to your password could easily log into your account and gain access to your data including your funds. So, make sure that you take some caution while setting up your password.