Exactly, and you can afk autopath in protected zones and make lots money. Why can't you guys have your secure zone and let's have our risky zone? It'd break the game if individuals were permitted to EVE Echoes ISK fly in nul free of consequence.Because the game was better and had more players earlier, this only carers to the eve online failures that are on echoes such as mouthbreathers on your shoulder.

If by fly you mean being able to do anything in null and escape via autopilot I agree with you.but the reality is we only need to make it to the destination secure. Everything that happens afterward is really on us. And we understand that.But what you are not wanting is a risky zone, you want gotcha loot pulls on ships which are afk. If you truly wanted a insecure zone you would welcome folks being able to get to your space without difficulty. Because then they're on your area and your prey.

Yesand if I own that distance in mind that's your destination and I do not want you to reach it safe and I've scouts and camps in place a method a means to prevent you from getting to my space securely, why should you be able to? In Null, you shouldn't. Sorry. Want to Buy EVE Echoes Items journey through low and high afk and totally safe, that is okay with me. Autopilot should not even be a thing in Null though.