World of Warcraft WoTLK Classic Gold Classic launched this week, however players soon realized it was incredibly difficult to log into the servers of the game. The virtual line to get in was very, very long, not to mention how long the lines were in the game.

With World of Warcraft 's popularity A quick check on Twitch showed that there were 1.1 million players playing the game, it's not to be a surprise that a lot of people would like to join WoW Classic. But it's impressive that so many of WoW Classic's servers are filled up so quickly--especially since Classic's servers hold thousands more than the original WoW's servers did. For an idea of just the time it's taking to fill, have a look at the below image. It's a result of our effort to join WoW Classic.

Even with queue times so long Blizzard isn't rushing to add more servers to the game. Instead, the studio is aiming to create a successful groundwork from which WoW Classic can expand. "Our primary goal in preparing ahead for WoW Classic's launch has been ensuring that we are laying the foundation for strong community communities buy WOW WoTLK Classic Gold in the realm that will last in the years that follow, which is the reason we're opening up new servers to satisfy demand," Blizzard told Polygon.