Neo Fuel Saving series Aeolus Drive tires are now offered. The 1000–3000 mile one-way travel range, long hauls between nations and states, extremely slow wear rate, and fairly consistent loads are the optimum applications for the Aeolus Neo Fuel D-3 Tire, which is specifically made for the drive wheel application.Neo Fuel D-3 Aeolus Drive Tires are now available in California. Customers can choose to buy them online as well from  

Key Features Of Aeolus Drive Tires

The Neo Fuel D-3 Aeolus Drive Tires offer a number of significant characteristics and consumer advantages, including:

 • Block pattern with 3D sipe design - Excellent driving comfort.

 • Wider Tread Pattern Design - Effectively increases product mileage. 

• Low rolling resistance formula in Tread - Improves tyre life and durability. 

• SATT Construction - Makes D3 more fuel-efficient. 


(Neo Fuel D-3 Aeolus Drive Tires are at this time offered in 295/75 R22.5 size, load index 146/143, and load range "H." The tyre has a speed rating of "M" and a 16 Pr Ply rating. The tyre has a load capacity of 6614 pounds and an overall diameter of 40.35 inches ( single). The federal excise tax (FET) on 295/75 R22.5 Neo Fuel D-3 is USD 29.43.)