The Warlock's WoTLK Classic Gold Succubus and Felhunter pets are unable to cast spells if they're far away of the target.Manually cancellation of Stealth upon using Vanish will eliminate the Vanish buff along with taking away the Stealth buff.Escape Artist has a very small chance to fail if it is used to escape an ability that has a reduced chance of being dispelled (e.g. a Rogues Vile Poisons talent).Rogues are not broken out of stealth by Blizzard until they have taken damage.Taunting Hunter pets that are in Defensive or Aggressive mode causes them to attack the taunting player.

The threat created via Battle Shout is not capped at 5 party members and increases when it is affecting those who are at risk, such as Hunter as well as Warlock pets in an identical party.The chest you find at the end of the battle with The Seven in Blackrock Depths does not prompt the roll of loot. The other players do not notice a Hunter's quiver on their back.Shield Slam , as well as other off-hand abilities does not proc extra attack that are triggered by Windfury.Logging in to World of Warcraft : Battle for Azeroth while playing WoW Classic on the same account will cut you off with WoW Classic. This is true in reverse too.

Hunter concerns:

Hunter "dead zone" is operating exactly as it should and is in sync with the reference Client.A Wolf pet's Howl buff can be consumed by anything that causes damage, even if the pet isn't benefited by it. buff.A Hunter pet's Bite and Claw ability damage will not change in the tooltip based on the happiness level of the pet. In the tooltip, it will display the damage as though the pet was Content (yellow). This is consistent with the Reference client.Traps may not be activated if a player passes over them extremely quickly buy WoTLK Gold  (i.e. the ability Warrior's Charge). This is consistent and is in line with Reference client.