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Reasons for the popularity of food delivery apps

It is projected that the online food delivery service business will have a net revenue of $12.53 billion by 2023. Here are the main reasons why food delivery apps are more popular among customers, restaurant owners, food delivery executives, and entrepreneurs. 

  • From the customer’s perspective, they can order their favourite from a nearby restaurant with just a few taps. They have wide range of options to choose from. Most importantly, they can track the order status along with the real-time location of the delivery executive upon collecting the order from the respective restaurant.
  • In the case of the business owner and restaurant owners, they can track the order until it reaches the customer. Also, they can monitor the commissions earned. Apart from this, they can follow the activities of the delivery executive.


  • Considering the delivery executive perspective, they can easily maintain the earnings report and manage the deliveries using the app.

 Built a similar app like UberEats for your food delivery business

To develop a successful food delivery app, considering the UberEats clone script is the big plus. Because of the fact is, developing a mobile app from scratch requires more time and money. In the case of using the script solution for UberEats like app development is economical and requires less time. This solution is responsive, agile, robust, scalable, and customizable. 

The clone script package consists of an app and web panel for customers and delivery executives along with the admin panel. In general, the solution is built with the latest technologies that suit business needs. 

So, you can launch the UberEats app clone in the twinkling of an eye as the clone script is a custom ready-made solution. It is actually a wise selection for entrepreneurs to prefer the clone script for app development. The UberEats like app solution is user-friendly and features integrated into it makes it more appealing.