The Rewa Rewa Property release was made possible by the recent rezoning of previously ‘Rural Zoned’ land. The newly zoned ‘Coastal Living’ land has allowed for a limited large block subdivision. It is very rare for rural properties in the Marlborough Sounds to be rezoned. This opportunity was made available due to the property’s close proximity to the Portage Resort and Queen Charlotte track, which allows for minimal environmental impact, while maintaining the pristine native bush backdrop. This unique feature makes the sought-after location suitable for new minimum 1 acre block lots on the gentle lower slopes facing the Sounds.

Do you have a professional that you're working with to get the results you need?  The land for sale Marlborough Sounds is for your particular needs. Whether you're looking for land to build a home or business office, real estate professionals will help you to see what's out there and compare a lot when you are dealing in wholesale land, the ownership of property isn't necessarily yours contract further to another investor. Another important point to keep in mind is that there should be a considerable difference between the worth of property and the price at which you buy it from its owner after negotiation. The sales contract shall say that the owner is the seller and you are the buyer, and it shall be explicitly mentioned that the said property can be assigned to another buyer for which in place where your name or your land for sale Marlborough Sounds company name needs to be filled in the form, it should be followed with or assigns.

The government has approached with the new tax plans that make the property available at cheap prices for the overseas buyers, thus it proves beneficial for them. Property for sale is also considered as the best purchase for investment. Before buying the property it is wise to take legal advice as changes happen now and then in the law system so, to be on the safer side, one must follow the rules and regulations. A person who chooses to ignore the system has to go through increased financial cost. The government announced the package of procedure that property transactions are abolished and resale property transfer tax is reduced.  Moreover, a new annual tax is compulsory on the more expensive property for sale Marlborough Sounds that will increase the cost. The property market is growing so fast from the past few decades that it has never experienced an erosion of prices.