Meditating martial artists, centuries ago, when the pandaren were still subject to the Mogu clan rule, it was the monks who brought some hope to Pandaria's bleak future. Since the rulers at that time were deprived of the right to use weapons, the panda people focused on practicing the use of Vanilla WOW Gold true energy in unarmed combat. When the time for the uprising to rebel is ripe, the well-trained panda people already have enough power to smash the shackles of slavery.

Professional information, no matter what role they play in the battle, the monks mainly rely on their fists and feet to show their strength, and strengthen themselves with the true Qi flowing in the body. The monk has some skills that can heal allies while causing damage to the enemy. For example, moving flowers and trees and true qi waves.

It also has three characteristics. First of all, strong candid, powerful monks can attract the attention of enemies with intoxicating wine and extraordinary agility to protect their allies. Second, with powerful healing, the monk can guide the mysterious forces to heal the wounded allies. Finally, excellent melee damage output, monks are true Zen masters, they can use the precise and elegant fist to cause the most damage to the enemy.

At the same time, it also has its own combat duties, such as a strong defense against damage, increase the blood volume of allies and damage output ability. The resources it uses are life, true energy, energy and mana. Its armor type is leather armor. The weapons it uses are gloves, one-handed axe, one-handed sword, one-handed hammer, long handle and staff.

Compared with other heroes, the monks ’talents are mainly focused on guiding the Qi energy. They can strengthen their actions and limit the actions of the enemy to control the battlefield situation, heal allies while outputting damage, or summon the gods to assist They fought.