Top SEO Keyword Research Mistakes to Avoid in 2023


Still ignoring long-tail keywords and user intent? Discover the top 7 most dangerous SEO keyword research mistakes you should avoid in 2023. SEO Keyword research mistakes 2023 can creep into our work like fleas on a poodle. Then we are left scratching our heads, wondering where we went wrong.


You are not a hack. I have no doubt you care deeply about your SEO projects – or you would not be here reading up on the professional practice, anyhow! So, kudos to you. Just by being here, you are already on your way to becoming better at keyword research. The marketing sphere has the good, the bad, and the ugly when it comes to SEO strategies. In this guide, I will share the main pitfalls of keyword research.


Failing to Inform the Team What You’re Doing and Why - Many stakeholders have editing rights to web pages, perhaps more than you may realize. If you have not informed colleagues about the keywords you want to optimize for and why; you may well find all your hard work researching keywords go to waste. You see, SEOs make SEO decisions. Editors make editorial decisions. It’s worth ensuring everyone is on the same page about which phrases need to remain unchanged and why. So remember to leave a note, send an email, or share a spreadsheet at the end of each research round.


Losing Sight of the Domain’s Topic Niche - It’s all very well identifying keywords that are trending in search engines across the digisphere. Yet there is no point in selecting keywords that do not complement the rest of the content in the existing or future editorial pipeline. Take, for instance, optimizing a page on a domain that sells commercial cleaning equipment. There’s no need to angle for keywords around caring for your houseplants, home-schooling children, or the lineup for national sporting events.


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