There has never been a better time to be and Internet Marketing success and make your millions on the net. But, being an internet millionaire doesn't mean that your life has become a success. Quite the opposite, you can be a millionaire and your life could still be a total failure.

I have long touted the idea that all you need do is develop a business mindset, use shoestring marketing strategies enlightening movies take massive action and you can become the next internet millionaire. However, I think that I have been doing you a great disservice.

Just take a look at the Hollywood Movie Stars. How many movie stars have completely wasted personal lives. They are at the top of their game in the movies but, their personal lives are filled with drug abuse, divorce, and forced incarceration in a rehab center. Or, how about the success of becoming a Governor of a major state and then get kicked out of office because you can't control your penchant for the "ladies of the night". Highly successful and totally wasted lives.

The same thing can happen to you. You become so involved in becoming the next internet millionaire that your personal life goes to Hell. Your children hate you, divorce is on the horizon and you have no spiritual life at all. Having money is only part of the success scenario.

What I am saying is don't just build a business mindset, build a success mindset. Set goals for all areas of your life and become a true success. Besides financial goals, you should also set goals for your family life, spiritual life and any other area of your life that will make you a total success. Don't just be an internet success, become a total success. There is an old cliche that you should remember-Money isn't everything. It doesn't make you happy. I admit that it is easier to find happiness if you don't have to worry about paying the bills but, it is only one measure of success-just a part of the whole.

So when someone teaches you how to become a financial success, don't forget the rest of the picture and set your goals to become a total success