You are endowed with incredible and amazing intuitive gifts that are beyond all magic... and measure. Each of us only sees a small fraction of the "real world" around us... and there is much mystery in the world that we'll probably never understand fully in this life.

Don't let anyone tell you otherwise.

And while the skeptics, cynics and debunkers will continue to tell you it's silly... they're voices are beginning to become drowned out by overwhelming evidence to the contrary.

The amount of real, scientific and repeatable PROOF that psychic abilities are in fact a reality is greater today, in 2012... than at anytime in recent past.

There is such an avalanche of evidence that ALL human beings are endowed with incredible intuitive gifts, and that unfortunately... so FEW of us ever use them, that listing them all with take 100 articles just like this one.

Want a few highlights?

How about the incredible series of precognition tests done by social scientists and statisticians (and published in leading science journals in 2011) that proved average people (mostly college students) actually KNEW future events before they happened?


By having their "vital signs" measured BEFORE seeing a series of provocative AND "benign" photographs, making it impossible to cheat.

For example?

Men and women alike had their heart rate SPIKE milliseconds before seeing sexually or violent imagery.

They "relaxed", milliseconds before seeing cartoons, or nature scenes.

These were images generated RANDOMLY by machines... and the participants in the study all had these involuntary physical reactions a fraction of the a second BEFORE actually seeing each respective photograph.

Sound too technical and confusing?

Don't let it be! It demonstrates, very simply... in a controlled scientific lab setting what many of us have been saying for decades.

Precognition, or the ability to see, sense and feel the future before it happens is a fact, and extraordinary things happen everyday to ordinary people.

What about deja vu? Have you had it happen? Most have... even if they don't' like talking about it for fear of being labeled nuts?

What about OUT of body experiences... where you can not only see your body from somewhere that SHOULD be impossible, but people can actually travel anywhere they choose in a spiritual energetic great spiritual movies ? Not only is this NOT "nuts", it's something that has been a consistent part of recorded human history for a thousand years.

(and a psychic ability that has become very well known from reports of near death experiences, most of which begin with the feeling of being out of the body and seeing oneself, and the world through "eyes" that are NOT limited to your physical form)

What about psychic mediums, clairvoyants, remote viewers, energetic empaths and people who have been repeatedly tested and demonstrate incredible gifts that simply can't be explained away... no matter how hard the skeptics and cynics try?

Remote viewers who document and detail things happening thousands of miles away... and who the US government funded for 20 years PLUS in a top secret psychic spying program called Operation Stargate. (and whose incredible results have been featured and described in books and movies over the last 5 years)

Are they all nuts, making it up, or just con artists? Of course not... and to think that millions of people from one side of the world to the other, who have had incredible experiences are all crazy... would mean that we live in a society that is habituated by loons!

Here is what we DO know, in 2012 about psychic abilities, precognition and the wild, weird and wacky world around us.

Everyone can learn to develop more precognitive powers. Some are born with better natural gifts. But each person can CULTIVATE clairvoyance with practice.