People seldom consider writing to be a full-time, high-paying career. Outside a few journalists who get featured in the best magazines and papers, others are often typecast as starving artists. People assume that writers are depressed souls that sacrifice their love life and family to sustain a basic lifestyle. But the reality is far from this assumption. Writing can be a lucrative career if you have the talent and hunger to become successful. Apart from the media houses, many do my assignment for me and also look for writers for their organisations. With online java assignment help becoming more popular, many students keep wondering, “essay editing service?” People who love writing can become online writers and help these students out. But if academics are not your cup of tea, then here the three other career options for you –

  1. Editor

If you are a writing enthusiast, the job role of an editor must attract you. As an editor, you will need to oversee the quality of writing from the first draft to publication. Depending on the type of writing, editors may need to check and correct the word selection, framing, and structure. As editors, they also need to validate the sources and check if the facts are correct.

They can also make suggestions on how they can improve the paper by eliminating inconsistent tone and voice, incorrect grammar and spelling. Editors are needed in various settings like media companies, book publishers, magazines, brands, etc. Editors are handsomely paid, and as one progresses in their career, the earning opportunity gets higher.

  1. Content Marketing Manager

Content marketing managers are required before developing content for a company. Most content managers take a generalist approach. Others specialise in creating specific content like eBooks, whitepapers, blogs, websites, and social media. Content managers usually spend hours creating content. They also spend a significant time making strategies.

Companies try to get content marketing managers who can think of a bigger picture and make content that can promote the organisational mission and vision. Companies don’t always look for formal degrees while hiring content managers. They look for creative individuals who can understand the basics of marketing, and it also provides a great earning opportunity.

  1. Communications Manager

Communications managers take charge of the company’s internal and external communications. A communications manager develops the company voice and writes the internal guides while managing the communication strategy. Since they are responsible for managing the entire communication channel of the company, there is a lot of writing involved. They need to write engaging content to keep the external partners interested.

To become a communications manager, the applicants must have a bachelor’s degree in mass communication, marketing and related fields. You can start your career with a competitive salary, but with experience, you can earn more than a hundred grand each year.

There are many other options out there. However, you can start your career in writing by considering these three options.

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