Users usually get confused and frustrated while performing Printer Setups. Most of the time, they end up complicating the entire task by committing minor errors. For this reason, Canon gives its users a dedicated website that supports users with Setup and other operations. At “”, you will find all the necessary information and guides for all models of Canon Printers. Here, you will find user manuals, Functions, Settings and much more. In short, it gives you everything that you need to handle your sophisticated Canon Printers with confdence. 
How to Setup Canon Printers at “”?
Canon Printer Setup at “http//” is surprisingly convenient and fast. All you need to know is your Printer’s Model Number and this platform will enable you to perform the setup smoothly. This procedure involves three distinct phases. However, before that, you must launch “” and open the required webpage.
Launch “” 

1- First and foremost, open any Web Browser that you commonly use. For example, Safari, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Mozilla, Google Chrome etc. 

2- Then, go to the official website for Canon Printer Setup. In other words, enter “” in the Browser’s Address Bar. Then, hit “Enter”. 

Go To The Setup Page

1- On the Homepage of “”,  look on the right-hand side. Here, you will find a few links with the highlighted tabs. The very first one is the “Setup (Start Here)” tab. Hence, click on it.

2- The following window requires you to select your Canon Printer’s Model Number. Hence, choose from the list of available models. For this, select the initial letters of your model number from the below-given list. Then, select your model number from the list on the following menu box.

3- Alternatively, you can type in your Printer’s Model Number in the Search Bar. Then, click on the “Go” button or press the “Enter” key. 

4- However, in case if you don’t know your Canon Printer’s Model Number. Then, click on the "Where to find your product name" link. This will guide you in locating the model number on your device. Else, you should check your Invoice.  

5- As a result, “” will redirect you to the Setup page for your Canon Printer. Here, it will guide you through the various steps of the Setup procedure in a simplified way.

6- In order to begin the process, click on the “Start” button on the following window.

Prepare Your Printer

1- The very first step requires you to perform a Hardware Setup to prepare your Canon Printer.

2- For this, you have to first unbox the Printer and remove all packaging material.

3- Now, you will have to remove all the orange tapes pasted in different locations of your Printer. This window will guide you for the same. 

4- Thereafter, click on the “Next Arrow” on the extreme right-hand side to proceed further.

5- The following window prompts you to turn on your Canon Printer. 

6- Thereafter, select your preferred “Language” on the Printer’s Control Panel. 

7- Along with that, select “OK” to move on to the Setup process.

8- Subsequently, install Ink and load Paper as explained on the following slides.

Download Drivers 

1-  After that, it will guide you through the second step i.e. to download Printer Driver on your system. This allows your computer to communicate with your Canon Printer.

2-  On the following window of “”, you will get a highlighted “Download” button for downloading the Driver. 

3- However, before proceeding, you must select your computer’s OS from the lower left-hand side corner of this window. This will automatically refresh the window with the specific Driver to Download.

4-  Thereafter, click on the “Download” button and wait for the process to complete.

5-  Subsequently, open the downloaded file and install the same by following on-screen prompts.

Connect Printer To The Internet

1- Once the Printer Driver is successfully installed on your system, it will guide you through the next step of configuring your Canon Printer. 

2- For this, it will assist you in establishing a network connection for your Printer as per its specifications. For instance, if your model supports WiFi connection. Then, it will take you through the step-by-step process. Else it will help you to set up a wired connection.

3- Hence, closely follow the given instructions and connect your printer to the internet network.

Easy Troubleshooting Steps to Fix Canon Printer Is Offline Mac

People who are using Mac complaint a lot about the trouble of Canon printer is offline Mac. Although both the brands are highly reputed and leading the market for long but due to some point people are facing this issue.

A lot start to search on Google for its solution but nobody gets a permanent solution yet. But you do not need to worry now as we are here for you.

In this article, you will get to know how to resolve the issue in a very little time. We have written this article after full research work so that you will not face any inconvenience.

Important tips to solve the issue of Canon Printer is offline Mac

In case you want a permanent and immediate solution then do follow the given steps:

1- Connecting printer with Mac: Check if you have properly connected your printer with the Mac or not. Check if there is any wire that is loose or damaged. If you found any then change them immediately.

2- Check all the wires: Are you sure that all the USBs are inserted into the ports? Remove all the wires from the back of the printer and connect them again. Check if Canon printer is offline mac issue got solved or not.

3- Wireless connectivity: After checking all the wires if properly connected or not. Now, check for the wireless connectivity. The very first thing that you have to do is to restart your router and your mac. Now, open the Mac and select the “default printer” by from the “system preference” in settings.

4- Remove the second printer: It could happen that your Mac is connected with the second printer and that’s why it’s showing offline. Hence, remove all the other printer from your device and then connect with the one which you need.

5- Re-add your canon printer: If all the above methods failed to solve the issue of the Canon Printer offline mac then you have to remove your printer from Mac and have to re-add that back to the device.