Focus on Value Alignment Influences Customer Loyalty


The key to customer retention in today's acutely aware world is the alignment of brand value with customer values. The world is evolving, and so are we. Today, we’re more acutely aware of the environments we live in, and the impact brands have within them. This awareness has not only made its way into the consumer landscape, but it’s also in the hearts and minds of humans like never before. So, what is driving this complexity in the consumer landscape today. How value alignment influences customer loyalty, and how can brands appeal to customers on a more human level? Let’s dive in.


Additionally, amid the digital revolution, access to information has never been easier. To be sure, it’s not just about product purchases and experiences anymore—consumer reasons for choice and consideration today are far more complex. Consumers want to engage with brands that have a greater purpose than just increasing shareholder value, and as such, new equation is emerging as consumers think about brand loyalty and the interplay of values. A simple Google search uncovers vast options and information about brands and the customer experience they deliver.


Options, information, and power: Consumers have it all - Consumers have more options today than ever before. On top of that, globalization and ease of entry for new brands make switching between them much easier. If consumers have a bad experience or the brand doesn’t seem to live up to their values, they can substitute another brand with the click of a button and relatively little risk.


Values-matching is the new price-matching - The stakes are high for brands today, and they’re under pretty extreme pressure to deliver. Brand loyalty is being driven by something more than reliable products and great experiences. Loyalty hinges on how and whether brands are being transparent about their values and how they connect to consumers as it relates to their own corporate goals. 


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