Why You Need an Alternative to Google Analytics?


Data and insights are the most valuable currency in your organization – but how valuable is your analytics if you can’t action them right away? It’s official – Google is now calling time on its Universal Analytics (UA) tool. Challenges associated with EU privacy now mean that Google is sunsetting its UA in favor of a privacy-first approach and it will be pushing its customers to adopt Google Analytics 4 (GA4).


Reasons Why You Need an Alternative to Google Analytics


You put yourself in the driver’s seat - While it’s great to innovate with Google, you may want to make a move that puts you in control. Adopting GA4 means having to learn the ropes again. The longer you wait to set up your GA4, the less historical data you’ll have; the tracking and dashboards you’ve previously created may need to be remade. A move is inevitable, but there’s more than one option for businesses.


First-party data and zero-party data are gaining ground - Marketing is shifting from third-party to first-party data, but if your primary source of insights is still Google Analytics you’re already behind some of your competitors. While GA4 aims to move away from cookies, you’re expected to provide rich customer insights as you’re encouraged to leverage first-party and zero-party customer data.


What is the true cost of free analytics? - “Free Analytics” sounds very tempting, especially for cost-conscious CMOs – but we all know that nothing ever really comes for free. Whether you’re an enterprise-level, SMB, or small business, every single piece of technology in your MarTech stack delivers a clear value and function, at a cost. And for many businesses, Google Analytics UA is usually the only platform in your marketing technology stack that’s free. For many businesses, Google’s UA has been indispensable, particularly as it came at no cost at all to their marketing budgets.


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