Instructions for Use of Power Sprayer:

Before starting, adjust the horizontal angle, vertical angle and vertical swing amplitude of the sprayer (sprayer (apparatus) operation quality), check whether the door of the electrical control box is closed, and turn the power switch to the "on" position. First, turn the selector switch on the electrical control box to the short-range position, and at the same time turn the throttle handle of the diesel engine to the running position, press the pressure reducing valve, and then start the engine with the key. After the generator starts, wait 2 minutes and follow The control cabinet panel instructs to press the fan, medicine pump, and swing start (green) button once (note that after the fan starts, there is a delay of 20 seconds before pressing the medicine pump and swing button), and the entire sprayer will operate normally. Press the swing stop (red) button, the medicine pump will stop spraying; press the fan stop (red) button, the fan, medicine pump, and swing will all stop. To stop, just press the throttle stop handle, and then turn off the generator start key.

System Features:

1. The medicine box has a large volume, which can effectively reduce the number of water additions. The operation efficiency is high, and it is suitable for large-area spraying for the large-scale orchard and grassland eradication, sanitation and epidemic prevention.

2. Large air volume, long-range, suitable for orchards with wide row spacing and dense foliage.

3. The wind speed is fast, the penetrability is good, and the drug-receiving area is obviously increased.

4. Uniform atomization and small droplet particles can effectively increase the adhesion of pesticides on branches and leaves and significantly increase the utilization of pesticides.

5. Adjustable wheel track, adjustable pressure, adjustable spray volume, adjustable spray height, suitable for spraying operations of different heights.

6. Two-way superimposed air outlets can produce rotating airflow. Increase the turning strength of the branches and leaves to increase the area of ​​the front and back of the branches and leaves receiving the medicine.

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