Empty gelatin capsules make it easier to take supplement powder. They give individuals complete control over the ingredients of their supplements, such as avoiding fillers or binders. Filling empty gelatin capsules is also more convenient because the individual does not have to measure and weigh the dose before each use. Gel caps are a great alternative to fat-soluble supplements that don't dissolve in water or juice. They are also useful for taking bitter or other unpalatable supplements.

Choose a gel capsule size based on your dosage needs.

00 capsules

A size 00 capsule holds approximately 750 mg of supplement powder and is one of the most common sizes manufacturers use to make supplement capsules. They are a larger option for average-size gel capsules, measuring approximately 1/2" when locked. 00 Capsules are great for supplements or mixed supplements that require a larger dose.

0 capsules

Size 0 capsules are a smaller option for average size capsules and are another industry favorite for making supplement capsules. They hold approximately 500mg of supplement powder and are slightly longer than 2cm when locked. Although smaller than 00 capsules, it can still be used by individuals to create supplement combinations.

1 capsule

Capsule 1 is on the smaller side and is less than 2 cm long. They hold up to 400mg of supplement powder and are a good option for those who have difficulty swallowing larger capsules. They are not as good for combining multiple supplements as larger-sized gel capsules, but they are sized for many single supplement doses.

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