Carbon steel fan net covers are the most common fan cover products in the HVACR industry. Smaller fan shrouds are often used in the computer industry with an anodized finish. Medium to large fan guards and fan grills are used in many products, they are mainly used in air conditioning and condensing units.

Carbon steel fan guards are the most economical in terms of choice and size. Depending on the specification, these units are manufactured in two ways. Continuous carbon steel wire or individual rings (I personally think individual rings look better). For consistent quality, the wires are welded to the frame using jigs for strength. They can then be powder coated in any color, or they can be galvanized or chromed.

Stainless steel fan guards cost more but are required in special cases such as hazardous environments or extreme conditions. Stainless steel fan guards are typically made from 304 stainless steel and are available in all the same sizes and designs as carbon steel. Like their carbon steel counterparts, stainless steel shields are made using continuous strands or individual loops depending on specification.

Plastic fan guards provide maximum strength and airflow and are used in all types of commercial industries. Plastic fan shrouds are injection molded from a variety of plastics and come in a variety of configurations. They are also more flexible and can withstand higher impacts without damage. Most plastic fan guards deform slightly and return to their original shape when hit, and they can be easily replaced if damaged. This option is most cost-effective when large quantities are required.

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