What is ISO 20000 Certification?

ISO 20000 is a worldwide standard that specifies the criteria for IT service management. Organizations that achieve ISO 20000 certification have demonstrated that they have implemented a best-practice service management system (SMS) and are capable of providing consistent, high-quality IT services.

Why ISO 20000 Certification?

ISO 20000 certification is important because it helps organizations to improve their service management processes. The certification provides a framework for organizations to follow and sets out best practices for service management. It also enables organizations to demonstrate their commitment to quality and improve their reputation.

In addition, certified organizations may be able to take advantage of discounts from suppliers and reduced insurance premiums.

How ISO 20000 Certification Can Benefit Organizations?

An organization that has been certified to ISO 20000 knows that it has met the demanding requirements of an internationally recognized standard for ITSM. Benefits of certification to ISO 20000 include:

  • · Improved customer satisfaction as a result of more consistent and effective service delivery;
  • · Reduced operating costs as a result of improved efficiency and effectiveness in service management processes;
  • · Improved ability to respond to changes in business needs and market demands;
  • · Increased competitiveness, both in the local market and in export markets, as a result of demonstrating best practices in ITSM;
  • · Higher staff morale as a result of working within an internationally recognized framework for best practices in ITSM.

How to Get ISO 20000 Certified?

The process of getting ISO 20000 certified can be complex and time-consuming. Organizations wishing to achieve certification must first undergo an audit to assess their compliance with the standard.

Once the audit is complete, the organization must work to correct any non-compliance issues identified by the auditor. Once all issues have been resolved, the organization can apply for certification.

Certification is granted once the organization has met all of the requirements of the standard and passed an audit by an accredited certification body.

Who Can Apply?

There are no specific industry or sector requirements for ISO 20000 certification. Any organization in any industry can apply, provided that it meets the eligibility criteria.

Some of the most common industries that obtain ISO 20000 certification include information technology, telecommunications, banking and finance, healthcare, manufacturing, and retail.


ISO 20000 certification is an important achievement for any organization looking to improve its service management processes. The certification provides a framework for best practices and enables organizations to demonstrate their commitment to quality. Certified organizations enjoy improved customer satisfaction, reduced operating costs, and improved ability to respond to changes in business needs. Obtaining ISO 20000 certification is a complex process, but the benefits make it well worth the effort.