One receives a free Mediacom email address when signing up for Mediacombb Net Email Settings. To send and receive emails, a user can access this email account. One can access their Mediacom email accounts not just through a web browser, but also through their Android and iOS mobile devices. You must configure your email account on your smartphone if you also have a Mediacom email account and want to access it through an Android or iOS device. You must have Mediacom Email Settings for Android and iPhone in order to set up your account on Android and iOS (iPhone) devices. You can find details on Mediacom Email Settings and instructions for setting up your account for Android and iPhone in the sections below.

How to Setup an Android Mediacom Email Account

Now that you know the Mediacom Email Settings, you can use these instructions to set up your email account on Android and iPhone.

  1. To begin, you must first launch the Email app on your Android device from the App Drawer or Home screen. You must click the Menu button once you are in the email app.
  2. Select Settings from the menu that displays on your screen (Gear icon).
  3. Tap the Add Account button in the Settings section.
  4. You must then select the Add Other Account option and fill out the fields on the following screen with your Mediacom email address and password.
  5. Then, you must select the IMAP ACCOUNT by pressing the MANUAL SETUP button.
  6. You must fill out the forms on the following screen with the information listed below in order to proceed:
    • electronic mail: Type your Mediacom email address here.
    • Enter your Mediacom user name here.
    • Enter your Mediacom password as a password
    • Enter the IMAP server here.
  7. Following that, you must ensure that the "Authentication Required before sending emails" box is checked. Your Mediacom username and password must now be entered in the corresponding fields before clicking the Next button.
  8. You can change the following parameters (period to sync email and sync schedule) as you see fit and click the NEXT button because they are purely personal preferences.
  9. Following that, you can type the name you want to use in the Account name and Your Name (Outgoing Email) fields and click Done.

How to Setup Mediacom Email on an iPhone

  1. On your iPhone, you must first access the Settings app. You must select the Passwords & account and Add account options once you are in the Settings area of your iPhone.
  2. Then, if your provider is mentioned, click on its name; otherwise, select "Other."
  3. Then, you must choose Add mail account and fill up the forms on your screen that ask for the following data:
    • Name: Type your name here
    • Your Mediacom email address must be entered.
    • Password: the password for your Mediacom email.
    • Type the desired description here.
  4. Selecting the pop3 option next requires you to fill out the incoming mail server section on your screen with the information listed below.
    • Your Mediacom email address as the username
    • Your Mediacom email password is your password.
  5. You must then enter the information as listed below in the Outgoing mail server field and hit the "next" button.
    • Your Mediacom email address as the username
    • Your Mediacom email password is your password.
  6. Here, before you hit on the Save button, make sure the checkbox next to Email is selected. Your email address will be kept on file. You will need to verify that all the settings are accurate in the subsequent steps.
  7. Select the Advanced button after choosing your freshly established email address. You must check that the information displayed on your screen under "Incoming server" is accurate.
    • On Identity Check, Use SSL: Password Server Port: 995
  8. You must then return to the previous screen and select from the list of incoming servers. Here, you must confirm that the following details are accurate:
    • Identity check with SSL: password; server port: 465
  9. The settings must then be enabled by pressing the Done button in the top-right corner and restarting the iPhone.
  10. You've successfully set up your Mediacom email account. To send and receive emails using your account, use the mail app.

In order to set up your email account using Mediacom's email settings for Android and iPhone, you must follow these steps.

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