The Healthcare sector, amidst this pandemic, has a great demand in society. The primary function of the Practo app is to ease the doctor and patient relationship online. Through apps like Practo, its services are extended to a broader community fulfilling its usefulness in a timely need. To encompass this service at ease, the functioning of the app must be flexible and straightforward.

1. The user logs into the app and feeds in their basic details like their name, age, medical history, recent issues, etc. the user is verified and accepted to the app.

2. The doctors, on the other hand, provide their educational details, experience, and specialization. Etc. The doctors are verified and allowed to get listed.

3. From the fields and categories listed, the user can choose the specialist and fix their appointment.

4. At the scheduled time, the patient and the doctor are connected via video conferencing. 

5. After the discussion, the user gets his medical report analyzed, and the medicines are sent via the app.

6. After the call, the user pays the fees and gets his medicine either ordered in the pharmacy listed in the app or gets it in their regular store. 

7. The user is now asked to review and rate the experience. 

With this, the process ends successfully. The app also facilitates small chat within the app chat facility to get small queries clarified.

To boost your healthcare service amidst this pandemic, taking your service online through an app like Practo can be the best-suggested solution. For the app to function at ease, it needs to be compatible. With INORU, improved resolution, and advanced technical support through clone script technology, it's easy and quick to launch your full-featured Practo clone app.