In golf, as in any other sport, it is essential to have adequate equipment to practice it without any discomfort. You cannot miss a good pair of golf gloves like the Cabretta leather golf gloves.


Golf gloves help protects your hands from the constant friction of the golf club, which can cause blisters on your skin, especially when you train constantly. Leather golf gloves prevent the club from slipping from your hands due to sweat, especially when you hit very hard since, without special golf gloves.


Why don't any types of gloves work in golf?


A golf glove has unique characteristics, such as being made of leather, with a soft interior to not hurt the hand and, of course, to trap sweat, so the internal fabric must be particular.


Woolen gloves, for example, may protect your hands, but they won't prevent the club from slipping. Motorcycle gloves are too thick, and because they are made to protect the hands from blows, they are harsh and hot, so they won't work for you either.


What features should quality leather golf gloves have?


The brand is important. It is essential that you buy brand-name golf gloves, not so much for their price. But rather for their durability and support since they must meet a minimum of requirements such as breathability, design, and grip potential in the palm. Cabretta leather golf gloves are some of the most used; they can provide durable and resistant elements.


The design is a fundamental point.


The design of golf gloves can vary significantly from factory to factory, but in general, they should be made of natural or synthetic leather with a narrow design that fits the hand without slipping off or slipping. In case your hands sweat a lot, and you can't tolerate the heat that the leather golf gloves naturally produce, you can try some models in which the fingers are exposed, which allows you greater mobility, and feel much more relaxed.



 Notice which is your dominant hand


 Although ideally, you should learn to play with both gloves from the start, you will notice that most golfers only wear one glove on their dominant hand, depending on whether it is left or right. This is usually due to the practice that one has in handling it, but it is always convenient to have more than one glove, either to avoid putting them on when wet or to prevent them from wearing out quickly, so it is better if you are going to use them in one hand, that you buy two for your dominant hand.


  The size is essential!


  Golf gloves come in two sizes, one called conventionally and the other cadet, which would be equivalent to sizes S-L and XXL, and the size difference between them, can be notable. So, if you order Cabretta leather golf gloves online, take a good look at the measurements of both the middle finger and the palm.


Let the gloves breathe.


One of the essential points for your golf gloves to last much longer is that you take them off after each shot. This is called letting it breathe, and it will prevent humidity from accumulating inside. Thus, it will last longer.


  Wash them after each day of play


 To wash your leather golf gloves, use liquid soap or hair shampoo. Dry them in the open air, and do not use a dryer as this makes the leather harden and spoils this essential element in golf.


The price, an essential factor


The price of quality leather golf gloves is high; however, not all expensive gloves are the best. When you buy a pair of golf gloves, you should ask them to tell you what type of technology they have that justifies the cost of their price. If you see that other cheaper ones meet the same quality, you can decide on the latter.