Applying job change: You have to pay attention to this

Applying when changing jobs is sure to be a challenge for most people. You can find out what you need to consider when writing your application here.

No part of your life is like the previous one - with every job you gain new skills and your resume grows by another chapter, create your resume with . This of course also makes it more difficult to accommodate all of the data. Here's how to prepare your resume for changing jobs .
Application: Change of job in the application
The information that is important when changing jobs depends primarily on what point in your career you are at the moment. As a rule, however, the focus is on the applicant's professional experience. The more he can include on his resume, use cv writing services to make one, the better. As a result, secondary jobs, internships and even training become less important over time. So if you have already started your career , you should concentrate all the more on the subject of work experience.
Central information in the curriculum vitae

HR professionals are particularly interested in your practical qualifications. This includes, for example, the following points:

  • previous jobs
  • Projects that you have supervised
  • Successes with concrete examples and numbers
  • Area of ​​responsibility in the company
  • transferable skills
  • Recognized or certified training courses related to the vacancy
  • Number of employees who were under you

All other information is especially valuable if you have little work experience: This applies to starting your career, for example. In this case, nobody will be surprised if the resume focuses mainly on training or internships. Also, if you do not have experience, you should write an cover letter. Our service - - can help you with this task, This will be the right solution in order to disperse information in more detail and do not overload your resume.. At the time of your first job change, however, you should be able to demonstrate practical experience that does not only refer to part-time jobs from your studies.

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