Most equipment that is degreased is powered off before the degreasing process begins, but there are also situations in which equipment must be degreased while it is still energized; that is, while the circuitry in the equipment still carries an electrical charge. Cleaning energized equipment involves a higher level of danger than cleaning non-energized equipment. That is why it is important to select an Aerosol Cleaner that has the following crucial specs.

Water-based: These cleaners are low-cost, mostly non-flammable, and have a low VOC. However, they slowly evaporate so rust may form when cleaning metal.

Flammables: Some flammables include hydrocarbons, alcohols, distillates, and terpenes. These are low cost, but the area must be equipped to handle them because of their high VOC content.

Hazardous Non-Flammables: These cleaners work very well and are cost-effective, but they are extremely toxic. Trichloroethylene, n-Propyl Bromide, and Perchloroethylene are some examples of them. Purchasers should see the MSDS before buying or using.

Premium Non-Flammables: The non-flammables are pricey, but are safe and decent cleaners, because they have a good exposure limit (measure of toxicity).

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