Education is essential for children to have the right ideas and actions about themselves and the world. This can help children prepare for the economic, mental and social challenges they will face as they grow up and become responsible adults. It is important for parents to choose schools that offer holistic education to their children.

For Indian parents, it is also important to pick an Indian school in Dubai that is adept at teaching cultural Indian values that can enhance their children's personalities. This knowledge is essential to ensure that children develop their diverse skills and competencies. It can be difficult to choose the right school for your children with such demanding requirements. Parents can ensure that they take into consideration a few things that will help them to understand the impact that a school has on their child's future. Let's first understand the history of Dubai before we look at the factors that distinguish a top-quality educational campus.

High-quality schools have been established in Dubai

Dubai is one of the most rapidly-growing cities in the United Arab Emirates. Its capital, Dubai (UAE), is home to many expatriates. As a result, there are several international schools that parents can choose from for the sake of their children's primary schooling

For Indian parents who live in Dubai, it is relatively easy to find an international Indian school. These schools ensure that the education provided is up to international standards, so that children can thrive in a globalized world.

Although most schools are focused on holistic education, there are some things parents should keep in mind when choosing a school for their child.

1. International standards are matched in curricula

The curriculum a child is taught determines how much they will know about a particular topic. Parents should ensure their children are kept up to date with developments in particular subjects they teach. It is crucial that the curriculum is updated every year and incorporates the most recent information from around the globe. Many curricula such as the CBSE can help children to be up-to-date with international standards once they leave school and begin their higher education.

2. Highly-trained teachers

Teachers are the ones who speak out about the material in a classroom. They are the ones who communicate ideas to children and explain these ideas to each and every child as per their levels of understanding. They also guide children through any obstacles they may encounter. It is important to choose a school that has teachers who have years of experience and who are skilled in meeting the needs of students.

3. Facilities of the highest quality

If the infrastructure is designed to meet the needs of the children, it can make a difference in the learning environment. Each facility at the school you choose should be designed so that students can compete with peers around the globe, without feeling overwhelmed or inadequately prepared. Special care is taken in some schools to ensure that the temperature is just right to create a welcoming environment for students.

4. Dynamic educational framework

An Indian school will have an education framework that values cultural values and instills these values in its students. The educational framework of a school determines the extent of the studies that will contribute to the holistic growth of each student. Look out for Indian schools in Dubai that have progressively adaptive frameworks. This will ensure that your child's education does not remain in the past, while other students are being taught the most recent knowledge.

5. Extra-curricular and co-curricular activities

It is important to ensure that students have a healthy balance of activities. Some are complementary to the subjects they are learning in class, while others are parallel. These activities teach children how to be active outside of the classroom walls. They can be trained in outdoor sports like badminton and cricket, as well as indoor activities like music and art.


It is not easy to choose a reputable educational institution for your children. Parents want to ensure their child's growth, especially when they are trying to make sure that the best for their children. It is even harder to find an Indian school that will teach important cultural values to children.

However, regardless of where Primary Schooling Dubai parents choose to educate their children, the following five points can be very helpful in helping them make a sound decision.