Path of Exile 2 will be the sequel to the now popular Path of Exile. Many players will prepare POE Currency for the next version of the game. But if players want to know when the game will launch with others, then here are some things about Path of Exile2.

The next iteration of PoE was announced at the publisher's annual ExileCon in 2019. Since then, the most interesting question for fans is when will it actually come out. GGG is quite open to the progress of development and even hints at when players can look forward to the beta version. Players can also POE Currency Buy in advance.

So far, players have seen new character choices in the trailer, in which the hero chosen by the player is the only survivor of the large-scale public hanging-setting the tone for PoE. Players also learned about some of the new environments that PoE 2 is about to launch, including a stage completely on top of a giant vehicle similar to Mad Max. This looks very interesting and makes people want to buy POE Currency to get the best gaming experience. The release of the second trailer allows players to learn more about the new world, Vastiri Desert, dungeons and enemies, but there is still no hint of a complete release date.

When will the Path of Exile 2 beta be released? This may also be something players want to know. Similarly, there is no exact date yet, but GGG stated on the official Path of Exile website that the beta version may start as early as 2022. As the year 2022 gets closer and closer, players can pay attention to relevant information and prepare enough POE Currency in advance. In fact, players need to know that Path of Exile 2 will not replace the original campaign. The activities and sequels that have been launched will continue in the same game client, and players can use any of them to obtain characters and accounts, as well as any microtransactions. So if you want to achieve something in the new version, players don't have to worry about the disappearance of the POE Currency they purchased.