Given that Paris is renowned for its elaborate architecture, picturesque surroundings, and romantic ambience, it should come as no surprise that there are many intimate wedding venues in Paris where you may have a stunning yet close-knit wedding celebration. Here are our best picks for tight wedding locations in Paris, France:

1.       Bateaux à Roue – Private Yacht

Suppose you select Bateaux à Roue as your wedding site In Paris. In that case, you may anticipate a gorgeous sunset above your head and a tranquil view of the Seine River while you exchange vows with your spouse-to-be. Young couples frequently choose a boat location because of the stunning scenery it provides. After all, getting married aboard a boat is a once-in-a-lifetime experience!

2.       Shangri La Paris

This is ideal for couples who want to wed with the Eiffel Tower in the background. The Shangri La's beautiful architecture and lush surroundings strike the perfect compromise between desiring an intimate wedding and enjoying the splendour of a significant event. In fact, I promise that when you descend the grand staircase, you will feel nothing less than a monarch.

3.       Hôtel de Crillon

You can already imagine how wonderful Hôtel de Crillon must be given that there are rumours that it has housed world-famous figures like Charlie Chaplin and Marilyn Monroe. This hotel, which had a recent renovation in 2017, is dazzling with sunny decks, a delectable menu, and a stunning pool. You can be confident that your pictures will be beautiful.

4.       Chateau Bouthonvilliers

This location is ideal for you if you're searching for somewhere more private. This gorgeous chateau is just outside of Paris (about a one-hour drive away), and its exotic gardens are a sight you won't soon forget. Chateau Bouthonvilliers has a lovely patio that is big enough to host a small event. Oh, pass me the Kleenex. Just picture yourself dancing with your sweetheart beneath the warmth of a million stars.

5.       The Ritz, Paris.

Please be patient with us even though we realize that being named one of the most opulent hotels in Paris can confuse you. With its lush grounds and sumptuous salons, The Ritz can provide stunning scenery and intimate settings for a grand but intimate wedding.

6.       Chateau de Chrissy

This location resembles something out of an old French painting. The Chateau de Chrissy, surrounded by lush grounds, promises fairy-lit courtyards, elegant chambers, and a perfect opportunity to host a lovely wedding. It may also provide a tranquil escape for the couple and their loved ones.

7.       Chateau de Chrissy

This place seems like it belongs in an old French picture. The Chateau de Chissay boasts fairy-lit courtyards, magnificent chambers, and the ideal setting for a beautiful wedding. It is surrounded by verdant gardens. It might also be a peaceful retreat for the couple and their loved ones.

8.       Hôtel le Marois

This stunning hotel, in the centre of Paris, strikes the ideal mix between a modern and historical ambience. The couple wishing to have a glorious, lavish wedding celebration in the city of love would be perfect guests at the Hôtel le Marois, embellished with beautiful staircases, regal lounges, and a wonderful terrace that views Palais de la Découverte.

9.       Chateau De Lisse, Gascony

An elegant, small-scale wedding may be held at this castle from the fourteenth century. The old Chateau de Lisse in South West France has lush gardens and vineyards ideal for a stunning outdoor wedding celebration. If you choose this location, your wedding will be nothing short of a fantasy. In fact, in my opinion, this castle would be ideal for Romeo and Juliet if they ever decided to be married.

10.   Le Chalet des Iles

The small and endearing Chalet des Iles is designed for those who adore the outdoors. It provides you with natural, peaceful vistas while providing the luxury of ample facilities on the edge of a lovely lake. One step inside will transport you to a world where only love exists, making it the ideal place to begin a romantic trip with your special someone.

11.   The Château de Villette

The Chateau de Villette, adorned by two tranquil lakes and a colossal fountain, is ideal for a small, lavish wedding. It is a monument to the exceptional architecture that France is renowned for and is regarded as one of the most significant historical Chateaux in France. Just one glance at this magnificent location will leave you speechless!