Linear Guide manufacturers Product Introduction: MGR miniature linear guide Due to the vigorous development of the global semiconductor machinery and equipment industry, the electronics industry and its surrounding industries, the industry has higher and higher functional requirements for miniaturization and high density of products, because the current miniature guide rails and the smallest linear guide carriages have emerged. The width size reaches 8MM, and the length size reaches about 11MM. Product Features: mgn linear rail High precision, high rigidity, high load, low noise, high reliability, interchangeability, etc. Product Model MGN7 MGN9 MGN12 MGN15 Product Specification Product Application Miniaturized equipment, semiconductor equipment, medical equipment, IC manufacturing equipment, X-Y table, precision measuring and testing equipment, high-speed belt drive equipment, high-speed transfer equipment, etc. The specific application parts are mechanical pick-and-place arms, fixtures, consumer OA products, high-priced computer peripheral machinery, 3D printer etc. Packing, Storage, Handling and Transportation Linear Guide manufacturers website: