An undergraduate curriculum in visual or performing arts is known as a BFA course, or Bachelor of Fine Arts. Another name for the programme is a bachelor in visual arts. The study of visual arts is covered in the course, including topics like painting, photography, literature, sculpture, animation, etc. In the bachelor of fine arts programme, the candidate must select a concentration. Candidates can refine their talents and develop as artists in their chosen fields with the help of the course. Candidates have a wide range of professional options in the fine arts, including director, actor, writer, teacher, etc. Additionally, a lot of people have begun to choose careers in the fine arts because they enable them to obtain great salaries as well as respect and notoriety. A BFA degree helps applicants hone their abilities and develop their creativity. Candidates are given the chance to consider numerous possibilities. In several Indian cities, there are reputable BFA colleges. Students can apply for college admission based on their desired campus and entrance exam results.