A laser land leveler is an advanced farming technology that helps smooth the soil surface. Furthermore, levelling implements are farming equipment useful for breaking the hardpan of the soil, making the soil loose and creating space so that water can seep into the soil for improved drainage. 


Let’s discuss the top 3 brands’ land levelling implements that offer good agronomic, the highest possible yield, followed by proper crop management and water-saving.


Garud’s leveler is an absolute solution for landscaping and land preparation. Moreover, this farming implement connects well with 55- to 60-hp hp and above tractors. This 750 kg leveler has 6-16 tyres offering a precise working width of 2120 mm. In addition to this, the brand sells this equipment in the name of Sports & Rhino models. 



  • Laser Leveler by Ks Group


This 50 hp farming implement starts from Rs 3.77 Lakh* in India and is suitable for any soil type. Moreover, with 84-inch working width and 2 ft depth, the implements help break the hard soil with great precision and accuracy. The device comes with a rigid mast allowing manual height adjustment. With a 2.56 ft height, this device can easily adjust well in the smallest to the largest field.




John Deere laser leveler is a 50 hp farming implement whose price starts from Rs 3.5 Lakh* in India. With a 6 x 16 tyre size, 2000 x 600 x 800 bucket size and laser transmitter range of 1300 mtr, this is ideal farming equipment. Furthermore, it helps loosen up the soil with great precision. So, farmers can use this tool to create enough drainage in the soil for better circulation and flow of nutrients and water.

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