When Emails are missing from the gmail inbox. it means, something is wrong with the user account or settings. so here are the guide to fix the problem. you can apply it on your device. 

How do I recover missing emails on the gmail account? 

When emails are missing from your gmail account on a computer. you should check it on the other account. most probably, your account details are incorrect. that's why you cannot access the new emails.

Check the other folders - 

When Gmail is missing emails from your sent folder. you need to check the other folders. If you can find the emails there. you need to restore them.

Update the account security- 

Let's go to the account settings, here you need to check the recent activity. if you find any unknown activity on your account.  you need to check the account settings. 

Restore the permanently deleted emails - 

if Gmail is not showing the incoming emails on the trash folder. It means, your emails have been permanently deleted from the account. so you need to go to : why are my gmail sent messages missing and click on the google link . now fill the form to restore the permanently email. 

Check the blocked address settings - 

if you have blocked someone, their emails will be automatically deleted from the account. in that a case, you need to go to the settings. here you need to click on the forward settings. now click on the unblock email address. 

Finally, your email address will be unblocked. in case, if you need more help, you need to visit askprob blogs. there you will find the complete guide.