This isn't an argument that is serious. Many complain about the "under powered" abilities. First, Range&mage can only be OSRS Gold employed for one specific ability. They are both independently. Melee is a combination of Attack, Defense and Strength. Second: Range and mage don't fight very often, so "weaker" players with lower combat levels may really have a very strong range or mage, which means they're weaker as the combat is less intense. ( i know its confusing, but bear with me :wizard:) Melee shoots up your combat level and therefore is more effective.

Third: If mage&range were to become more powerful, they'd have to increase your combat level by making it more effective. Its melee is already very effective, so it could aid you in gaining quite a bit.

Forth: The max hit for range is 100/200 (please justification) and Mage comes with cool effects like the ability to freeze, lower stats and veng! These items are available only to Melee when you're willing to pay! This is all for now, Please understand what I'm trying to say. I'm also all for rolling out new products from the range :/ (armadyl 2nd wep anyone?) I appreciate your time and would appreciate any feedback. Sorry for any spelling and grammar mistakes.

The D Pick is now available and there's no thread on it. I'll post one when I have one! It is important to be aware of the origins of this powerful tool, as well as the new beasts that make up the quest. Here's my opinion (or the story)

Since I completed all of Cheap RS3 Gold the quests for free play I started mining. I got to 71 and was hoping for more features in mining. But I discovered that woodcutting was the least popular cash-making skill. I regretfully got 71 mining and not the 71 woodcutting. I began doing quests as a quest maniac and joined the quests for members. Sad !