Canon offers the best-in-class printers, scanners, and imaging products. With a Canon printer, you can enjoy the best printing experience for your home and office-based environments. Head over to its official website to start your printing experience with a Canon printer. After that, follow our setup guide at canon. com/ijsetup to download and install your Canon printer today.

Steps to Download Canon Printer Drivers for Windows

Follow the steps given below for downloading Canon printer drivers for your printer model via

1- Power on your computer or laptop.

2- Ensure you have an internet connection before proceeding. You can open any web page to check your internet connection.

3- Once connected, open Google Chrome, Safari, Microsoft Edge, or any other web browser currently installed on your computer.

4- With your internet browser, go to canon com/ijsetup.

5- This website will help you download your Canon printer drivers.

6- Click “Set Up.”

7- On the next page, select your printer model from the printer list.

8- If your printer model is not there, search it from the search option.

9- You can find your printer model number at the backside of the printer or inside the printer user manual.

10- If it’s not there, contact the seller and ask them for the printer model number.

11- Click on your printer model and select your variant.

12- Click Next on the next screen and select the “Connecting to a Computer/Smartphone” option.

13- Select your operating system as “Windows” from the screen’s bottom-left corner and click on Download.

14- Once downloaded via, proceed with the next setup steps.

Steps to Install Canon Printer Drivers Using Windows Printer Wizard

Follow the steps given below for installing a Canon printer via the Windows printer wizard.

1- Power ON your computer.

2- Press the Windows key and go to the Windows Control Panel.

3- Now, select Settings > Devices > Printers & scanners > Related Settings > Print server properties.

4- On the “Drivers” tab, see if your printer is listed. If it is, you’re all set.

5- If you don’t see your printer, click on the Add button and then click Next.

6- Now, select your system architecture. Windows work in 32-bit and 64-bit operating systems.

7- On the next page, click “Next.”

8- Now, you’ll see the printer driver selection box. Select your printer manufacturer and click on the printer driver you want to download.

9- Click Next and follow the on-screen instructions to complete your Canon printer installation.

10- Once installed via, click Finish & restart your computer.

11- Finally, remove and reinstall the printer drivers to finish the process.

Steps to Install Canon Printer Driver from the Software CD via

If your computer supports CDs, you can directly install your Canon printer drivers via the software CD that comes with the printer. To begin the setup via, please follow the steps given below.

1- Open the CD-ROM of the computer.

2- Unbox the software CD that comes with the printer.

3- Insert the software CD in your computer and wait for the CD’s content to show up.

4- Once loaded, you’ll be required to install the drivers according to your system.

5- Check your system configuration by pressing the Windows key > My Computer > right-click on the white space and click on Properties.

6- Check your computer architecture bit.

7- Once you’ve confirmed the operating system bit, go back to the CD and click on the 64-bit or 32-bit driver accordingly.

8- Click “Agree & Install” and follow the on-screen instruction to complete your Canon driver installation.

9- Once installed via, restart your computer.

Steps to Download Canon Printer Drivers for Mac

Follow the steps given below for downloading Canon printer drivers on Mac computers and laptops.

1- Power on your Mac computer or laptop you are currently using.

2- Open Safari browser and type in the top URL bar.

3- Click “Setup” on the next page.

4- On the next page, select your printer model.

5- You can find your printer model number on the backside of the printer.

6- If the printer model number is not there, check inside the printer user manual.

7- Once you have access to the printer model number, enter the printer number in the search field.

8- You can even search your printer alphabetically by scrolling to the alphabet section.

9- Once you’ve selected your printer, click on the printer icon and select “Start.”

10- On the next screen, click on “Connecting to a Computer/Smartphone.“

11- Select your operating system as Mac and click on the Download button.

12- Save the driver installer in the download folder and proceed with the next set of steps.

Steps to Install Printer Driver on Mac Using Software Update

Follow the steps given below to install the Canon printer driver for Mac computers and laptops.

1- Go to the download folder and search for the printer driver installer.

2- Once located, double-click on the setup file.

3- Enter your Mac ID and password when asked.

4- Follow the standard on-screen instructions to complete the driver installation via

5- Once installed, restart your Mac computer to finish the process.

6- If you face any errors during the installation, remove the current drivers and download a fresh copy via

Steps to Connect a Canon printer to Wi-Fi

Follow the steps given below for connecting your new Canon printer to a Wi-Fi network.

1- Before Starting Wireless Connection Setup, please ensure that the printer is ON.

2- Select Setup > Wireless LAN Setup.

3- Click on “Other Setup” and press “OK.”

4- On the next screen, select the connection type as “Cableless Setup” and press OK.

5- Now, you can start the Wireless LAN connection process for your printer. To begin the process, visit from your desktop browser.

6- Once you’re on the website, select your region, printer name, and computer OS.

7- In the “Product Setup” section, click “Download.“

8- Wait for the “Download” to complete.

9- Once downloaded, double-click the downloaded .exe file.

10- The setup will start automatically.

11- On the next screen, tap on “Next” and select the “Wireless LAN Connection” option.

12- Now, click on the “Next” button and select “Cableless setup.”

13- Follow the on-screen instructions.

14- If you see the “Setup Completion” prompt, click “Complete.”

  • Now, you can try printing a document to see if the connection is completed or not.
  • Load A4 size paper in the printer and click “Execute.“
  • If everything is working fine, click on the “Exit” button to finish the wireless setup process.